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Hello all!

Most of those reading this post have probably heard of FOCA, otherwise known as the Freedom of Choice Act, but some of you might not have and for those of you who know of it is possible you don’t know much about it.   For those who support life it is important to A) know the details of FOCA, and B) take such action against it as you can.   With that in mind, I have permission to share a post written by Nicole, an aquaintence from a forum we are both members of.   She did all the work collecting links and writing the post, then graciously granted me permission to use her work.  

Many thanks to Nicole for her passion and hard work!

Here is the info:

“Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.”
-Romans 12:21

“Nothing is inevitable. We can’t give up, we must never quit.

America is worth fighting for.”
-John McCain

Hey everyone!

I’m working on a campaign to fight the Freedom of Choice Act and I’d like to ask you all to join me. Obama is not going to hesitate to enact what he believes is “right” for this country. Thus I believe we cannot hesitate to stand for what we know is right.

If we wait until the Freedom of Choice Act is reintroduced to oppose it, I believe it will be too late. Many people know it is coming. And I believe they are already making up their minds. It will be very hard to convince those who are pro-choice if we wait until then to present the truth of the danger this bill will pose to what they really want for this country. In fact, it will be nearly impossible. But if we start now, I believe it is easily possible to turn even them against it.

Many who are pro-life still do not know the full truth of what this bill could accomplish. I didn’t until I spent several days compiling the facts. It is important that everyone who is pro-life knows the facts about this bill. For only when we know, can we begin to fully fight. And once the facts of this bill are known, I can hardly imagine how someone could not fight it.

I created this flier (link below) to spread the word about FOCA. It’s a great way to get all the facts quickly and to pass them on effectively and efficiently. This is something we can include with letters that explain our position, hand to friends, leave on cars and at bus stops, and most importantly encourage people to also make copies of and distribute.

What follows is an incomplete list of resources for further research, ideas for action, and contact information I believe would be helpful. I will be adding to this post in the future as I gather more information. I welcome your input — please let me know if there is any suggestions, ideas, resources, and contact info you can contribute.

Join me, will you?

The flier:

[UPDATED] http://www.cryaction.com/foca_flier.pdf

[NEW!] http://www.cryaction.com/foca_flier_bw.pdf

Articles and resources on FOCA:







Also informative on the subject:


Find out whether your congressperson is a co-sponsor:


Address directories:




1.) Please be sure to sign the petition — and encourage everyone you know to do the same: http://www.fightfoca.com/ This petition will be sent to key Members of Congress upon the re-introduction of the Freedom of Choice Act in the 111th Congress, and to President-Elect Obama.

2.) Send letters (let me know if you’d like some sample letters) to doctors, hospitals, newspapers, newspeople, congressmen, senators, pastors, and friends. Include the flier.

3.) Have a letter writing party at your home or church — get together with your friends, student group, book club, Bible study group, or members of your church to collaborate on the project and get more people involved.

4.) Invite people to join The Rebelution forums or let me know if you’d like to start a new branch of this initiative at another forum (I’d like to be able to post a link to what you’re doing and keep track of the progress made).

5.) Start a petition in your state to send to your congressman/senator — take clipboards to hospitals, churches, religious conferences in your town, etc.

6.) Copy and distribute the flier — hand them out, ask to leave a stack of them at hospitals, crisis pregnancy centers, churches, insert them in church bulletins, post them on bulletin boards, leave them on benches, on cars in parking lots, at bus stops, newspaper and real estate guide stands on corners, sitting areas in malls or elsewhere, at people’s doors… leave them, post them, get them anyplace you can think of! Throw them off rooftops and into the street! Just hand them to five friends — or five people each week. Awareness is key.

God bless you all!

Nicole T., for CRY ACTION

As Nicole said, it’s important that we don’t allow this to sneak up on us.   Once you reach the point of decision you are basically stuck with what you’ve got.   Then the time for changing hearts and minds, as well as mobilizing those already of likeminds, will be past. 

God bless and veritas supra omnis!


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  1. Once again, thanks for sharing. I have seen Hillary working on this with her myspace and facebook, as well as her blog, but I have not had a chance to read up on it until now. It reminds me of how we need, as Christians, to stand up for the innocent, but also to love the hurting ones who so often condemn the innocent. It is so easy to get all wrapped up in ourselves, ( I speak for myself here), and forget that the world around us is full of hurting people, doing wrong things out of their broken hearts. Anyway, thanks for sharing!

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